Limb Crushing — Amputation From Car Accidents

For any arm or leg complications after a car collision, see your doctor immediately. Proper care will maximize the chances of full, rapid healing.

Formal medical diagnosis may also be necessary for full compensation from your insurance, other drivers’ insurance, and even other drivers personally.

What serious limb injuries happen in car crashes?

Serious collisions are prone to crushing limbs. Even small vehicles possess enormous momentum, capable of damaging bones and connective tissues beyond any hope of repair or recovery.

In such cases, amputation may be the only option. This decision is often made by an emergency surgeon shortly after the collision.

Could you possibly need an amputation later on?

Only a physician can determine this—and even then, it may depend on daily or weekly progress in healing.

If damage is extensive but amputation wasn’t immediately necessary, factors like infection or necrosis may still play a role. Unfortunately, these are agonizingly difficult to predict.

How common is car accident limb loss?

Car accidents are the second-most common cause of amputation, and by far the most common cause of traumatic amputation.

Current data are elusive, but an American study from 1996 estimated that 185,000 amputations are performed every year. Of these, 45% (83,250) are due to trauma, the vast majority of which relate to car accidents.

So, as a back-of-the-envelope estimate, collisions may lead to 50,000–75,000 amputations annually in the US.

What can they do about limb loss?

Surgical reattachment of a severed limb is exceedingly difficult, but possible.

Collisions are a particular challenge. They often result in severe mangling, if the amputated portion can be salvaged at all.

In most cases, the victim will eventually be fitted with a prosthesis.

The physical and mental burden can be immense, so physical therapy, occupational therapy, and counseling are equally important for function and well-being.

Should I talk to a lawyer about my limb injuries?

Collisions bring overwhelming aftermath. The endless documentation and insurance disputes can be too much on their own, let alone when you’re also dealing with severe limb injuries.

At Bridge Law, our team of auto accident specialists is here to fight for you and for every penny you deserve. If you’ve suffered serious limb damage or amputation in a car accident, then contact us to discuss your case and options.