Car Accidents

Causes of auto accidents range from an intoxicated driver, to texting while driving, to running a red light, among countless other reckless acts. These frequently result in brain and spinal injuries, which can change the victim’s life and cost enormous amounts of money.

In any case, and especially when insurance companies won’t pay or the other driver was not sufficiently insured, we highly recommendation consultation with a personal injury attorney. Washington law allows only three years to file your claim, so contact a lawyer immediately to maximize the likelihood of compensation.

A successful auto accident case will demonstrates that the other driver(s) failed to drive in a careful manner, their carelessness caused the accident, and the accident resulted in your pain and suffering. As simple as it may sound, many accidents have multiple causes, which makes the process of determining liability far more complicated.

Additionally, outside analysis, expert witnesses, and extensive interaction with insurance companies may also be necessary. For these reasons, representation from lawyers with expertise in auto accidents is critical to winning the compensation you deserve.

Types of Car Accidents

Here are some examples of car accident cases:

  • Rear-End Crashes
  • Single Car Accidents
  • Vehicle Defects
  • Side Swipe
  • Intersection Accidents
  • Road Construction Accident
  • Hit-and-Run
  • Rollover
  • Left-Turn
  • Head-On Impacts
  • Side-impact/”T-bone”
  • Multi-vehicle Accidents

Things to Do if You’re in a Car Accident

Besides making sure everyone involved in the accident is medically taken care of, one of the most important things you need to do after a car accident is to Protect Your Rights. Make an accurate record of what happened and do not speculate or misstate any of the facts. Taking pictures of the scene could also be beneficial. Consult one of our car accident attorneys to make sure you receive proper legal advice before providing any statement.

Protecting Your Rights is our Mission

Have you sustained a personal injury due to a car accident? Do you feel you deserve compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, and so forth? If so, bold representation by an experienced personal injury attorney is critical to the success of your case.

Our attorneys boast many years of experience in personal injury cases and auto accidents. When you need professional assistance on your side who will secure the best possible compensation for your losses, contact us today.