I Was Burned In A Car Accident — What Next

If you suffered even minor burns in a collision, see your doctor immediately. Proper care will maximize the chances of full, rapid healing.

Formal medical diagnosis is also critical for legal reasons. Otherwise, it may be unnecessarily hard to get maximum compensation from your insurance, other drivers’ insurance, and even other drivers personally.

Should I see a doctor for minor burns from a car crash?

As a rule of thumb, it’s always best to see a doctor—period. For major burns, this goes without saying. But even lesser ones carry a heightened risk of infection and perhaps permanent scarring.

What’s more, burns may coincide with other injuries to the same body part. Only a physician can determine the full extent of injuries, and ensure they’re fully recorded for insurance and legal purposes.

It’s also common to experience anxiety stemming from the accident, resulting burns, or the treatment and healing process. Your mental well-being is equally important, so seek a professional who can help you navigate this stressful, difficult period.

Are burn symptoms always noticeable?

Yes. In general, serious burns cause at least some immediate symptoms. They’ll often change (usually for the worse) over the next several hours or longer. Pain may start to diminish after a couple days, but it depends completely on the depth and extent of injury.

First-degree burns may take a few minutes or hours to become visible. In very mild cases, they can be hard to distinguish from abrasions or other superficial injuries.

Second-degree and worse burns go deeper than the outermost layer of skin. They are utterly unmistakeable, with visible damage, often severe pain, and life-threatening symptoms in more severe cases.

How do car accidents cause burns?

Fire is the most obvious cause, although fuel system safety improvements have made it rarer.

Electric vehicle batteries pose a totally new fire hazard. The technology is evolving at a breakneck pace, so it’s hard to predict whether burns will become more or less prevalent in the near future.

Cars also contain several hot parts (namely the radiator) and caustic chemicals. It’s unlikely that you’ve come into contact with them, but it’s not unheard of, either.

If your burns are the result of another vehicle’s cargo—such as chemical shipments—then additional legal issues may be involved.

Do I need a lawyer for my car accident burns?

Collisions bring overwhelming aftermath. It’s more than enough to deal with medical care and a potentially painful healing process for burns.

But then there’s the endless documentation, insurance disputes, and sometimes more complicated legal matters.

At Bridge Law, our team of auto accident specialists is here to fight for you and for every penny you deserve. If you’ve suffered a burn in a car accident, then contact us to discuss your case and options.