I Think My Accident Gave Me A Concussion — What Next?

If you’re experiencing concussion symptoms after a collision, see your doctor immediately. Avoiding driving, since your vision, balance, and focus may be weaker than you realize.

Formal medical diagnosis may also be necessary for full compensation from your insurance, other drivers’ insurance, and even other drivers personally.

If you were knocked unconscious during the accident, or can’t recall the sequence of events, then you should assume you have a concussion. Seek treatment regardless of symptoms.

How can I tell whether I have a concussion?

A headache is the most universal symptom, but several others are common. Many concussion victims experience nausea and vomiting (especially shortly after the fact), as well as persistent vision and hearing issues.

General confusion or mental fogginess may persist, and you may struggle to recall parts or all of the event. Sleep issues and light/noise sensitivity commonly follow, and some victims even report loss of taste/smell.

Some symptoms are more visible to others than to yourself. Those who know you may comment that you seem a bit vacant, slow, forgetful, or even irritable and hostile. These comments may be frustrating or confusing, but it’s critical to take them seriously and share them with your doctor.

Could I have a concussion if I didn’t hit my head in the accident?

Yes. Firstly, concussions often cause amnesia (memory loss) around the accident. It’s surprisingly common not to remember the period immediately before or after.

Secondly, remember that a concussion just refers to your brain compressing against your skull. That doesn’t require outside impact. For example, intense whiplash in your collision may have caused a concussion without any direct impact to your head.

If I don’t have many symptoms, could I still have a concussion?

Yes. Not all concussion symptoms show up immediately, and they don’t all last for the same period of time. That’s all the more reason to consult a doctor even if you don’t feel many/any concussion symptoms.

Remember, when we’re talking about concussions, we’re talking about traumatic brain injury. The risks of long-term harm are too great to ignore, no matter how decent you feel at the moment.

Should I ask a lawyer about my concussion?

Collisions bring overwhelming aftermath. The endless documentation and insurance disputes can be too much on their own, let alone when you’re also dealing with a concussion.

At Bridge Law, our team of auto accident specialists is here to fight for you and for every penny you deserve. If you’ve suffered a concussion in a car accident, then contact us to discuss your case and options.