An immigration attorney can help individuals like a legal or illegal immigrant facing the deportation process, a spouse seeking a marriage green card, or an employee in need of a non-immigrant visa.

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Spouse Visa | K-1 Visa

Are you seeking a spouse visa (also known as a marriage visa) to bring your husband or wife to the United States? Learn more about the K-3 spouse visa requirements, and how Bridge Law can help ensure a smooth and successful marriage visa application process.

A non-immigrant K-1 fiancé visa to the US can help an American citizen and his/her foreign-citizen fiancé(e) reunite in the United States in order to marry. The State Department provides a K-1 fiancé visa overview describing the extensive application and eligibility criteria for the K-1 visa to the US. Bridge Law immigration attorneys are fiancé visa experts, with the years of experience it takes to help you through the K-1 visa application process quickly and smoothly.


Any immigration attorney will tell you that immigration law is extremely complex, especially concerning immigration problems such as deportation. There exist many reasons for which an individual may be deported, even if he or she is not an illegal immigrant.

Our immigration attorneys have the combination of knowledge and experience it takes to navigate these complicated immigration laws, and are equally able to help you arrive or stay in the US legally, or to represent you throughout immigration proceedings and the deportation process.